A career accelerator for India’s top software engineering talent.

Pesto is a 12-week intensive training program to help software engineers in India break into international tech careers via full-time remote jobs.

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Student Stories

Monis Ahmad

Pesto made me realize the importance of having a dream and working towards it. Not losing hope on a bad day, not getting too excited on a good day but working every day to turn your dream into reality.

Monis Ahmad

Engineer at Residenetwork.com

Graduated IMS Engineering College 2015

Starting salary ₹29 LPA

Bharani Natesan

I really got more experience than expected. I learned more in my first month at Pesto than I did in 5 years at college and worked with people from around the world. Honestly, I wouldn’t get this much experience from anywhere else.

Bharani Natesan

Engineer at ClipboardHealth.com

Graduated CEG campus, Anna University 2017

Starting salary ₹31 LPA

Kundan Singh

Pesto taught me so many things. The soft skills will act as the icing on the cake over my technical skills for my entire career. I have a vision now. Pesto and my mentor David should be proud to have instilled this confidence in me.

Kundan Singh

Engineer at Saal.ai

Graduated MGKVP University 2015

Starting salary ₹34 LPA

How It Works


We start with a screening process where we test for software engineering fundamentals, English communication skills and an intense eagerness to learn.


Once selected, students are expected to move to Delhi where they will begin our 12-week training program.

During training students will dive deep into software engineering best practices, get paired up with engineering mentors from the US, contribute to popular open source projects and learn the soft skills required to be an effective remote employee.

Get Hired

Students that pass out of training will work with our placements team to prepare for interviews, write resumes, negotiate salaries and get introductions directly to top Silicon Valley start ups.

Starting Work

To make the on-boarding process as seamless as possible for both students and our partners, we take care of the routine administrative tasks required when bringing on a new remote teammate.


After graduation, Pesto Alumni become part of a powerful network where they can continue learn from each other and grow in their new international tech careers.

How much does it cost?

We believe in equality of opportunity. Therefore we do not charge anything up front. Instead we take a percentage of each students future income.

This puts us on the same same team as our students. The better they do, the better we do.

Program Outline

  • Schedule: 12 weeks, Mon - Fri, 9pm to 6am IST
  • Location: Delhi
  • New batches start every month.

Before starting training, every student should review our open source curriculum. This goes over all of the different topics that we will cover during the course. It is meant to be a brief overview to introduce students to each topic. Students are expected to review this fully before their first day.

Weeks 1 - 4: Skills Assessment of Pre-Training Resources

For the first four weeks we will go over all of the pre-training curriculum in depth. This will be extremely fast paced as it is expected that students are at least somewhat familiar with each topic before showing up.

Weeks 5 - 8: Capstone Project

Students will be working in teams designing, building and shipping a real full stack application. This exposes them to real world examples of the type of work that will be expected of them after graduation.

Every pull-request that students make will have to pass a rigorous code review by our senior engineering staff. This helps students learn best practices around application architecture, JavaScript design patterns, build tooling, testing and clean code.

Weeks 9 - 12: Open Source Apprenticeship

We have reached out to the maintainers of a variety of open source projects and put together a list of projects that need student help. Each student will choose one of these projects. They will then spend their last four weeks making meaningful contributions to their chosen project guided by Pesto teachers and the projects maintainers.

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