We are NOT a learn-to-code bootcamp

Pesto trains and invests in India's top software engineering talent. Pesto is not a learn-to-code Bootcamp. Our typical student has a CS degree and several years of relevant work experience prior to joining Pesto.

How do we do it?

We test and recruit the most promising programmers from all over India. We put them through our  intense training program which includes Design Thinking, Product, Architecture, and Business Logic. We complete the paperwork and the taxation/employee benefits part, for you. Think of us as a fast track performance building accelerator, training the best and weeding out the rest.

STEP 01 Screening

We screen promising candidates through our rigorous admission process

STEP 02 Training

We put selected candidates through our learning curriculum, designed and executed by senior-level programmers from Amazon, Facebook and Google.

STEP 03 Soft Skills

We proceed by training our programmers for communications, soft skills and project management skills

Everything is taken care of -
in 72 hours or less

We take care of payroll and the necessary paperwork when you hire our programmers. We will provide him or her with office space anywhere in India, if required. We promise you hassle-free hiring in 72 hours or less

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Hire from the Top 1% of Indian programmers

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