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There’s a long and successful career ahead of you. Only if you’re ready for it.

Does this sound like you?

You want to update your skills to stand out to recruiters globally.

You’re looking to make the switch from service to product.

You want exciting challenges, projects and a fulfilling career.

But it’s hard to get where you want to, because…

In the global developer ecosystem, basic resumes mean nothing.

You need a skill-boost. But..
Coaching doesn’t work if you’re just a face in a class of 100+ students.
Recorded video lessons and slow feedback are not letting you catch up to your potential.
You need more than an online course. You need guidance.

You need space to learn, develop, network and thrive. Pesto is that ecosystem.

Get on the learning platform built for developers to thrive. Join a cohort instead of a classroom, and get one-on-one guidance from senior devs.
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Pesto Mentors & Podcast

Manish Kumar
Watch their story
Saumyarajsinh Zala
Software Engineer IV
Watch their story
Nishant Naithani
Watch their story
Shashank S
Senior Software Developer
5+ Years exp.
Sachin Kumar Shukla
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
3 Years exp.
Harsh Srivastava
5+ Years exp.
Software Engineer
10 Years exp.
Sumit Kapoor
Computer Scientist
6 Years exp.
Web Fundamentals (HTML, CSS & JS)
1.5 months
DS Algo & Problem Solving
1.5 months
React JS, Redux & Jest
1.5 months
Node JS, DBMS & System Design
1.5 months

Become an all-round developer.

For people with 1+ years of professional experience in software development
10 months program
150+ hours of instructor-led live classes
150+ hours of practice with assignment questions
50+ hours of personalized mentorship sessions
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Not just online coaching.
The complete Pesto package.

Pesto isn’t just a learning program.

But there's more to Pesto!

A community of devs that swap tips, solve problems and contribute to each other’s growth.

1-on-1 virtual networking sessions with peers and mentors.

Email support, Help center and calls with program manager.

Practice code for free and ace building projects that get you noticed.

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Starting at
per month in flexible EMIs
Intensive technical career coaching.
Personalized mentorship.
Lifetime access to Pesto community.
14-days money-back option.
One-time fee for benefits that last a lifetime.
Dedicated, qualified and personalized coaching (and much more) at a total of ₹1.8 Lacs* *(Inclusive of taxes)
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Got questions? We’re here to answer them for you.

Have more questions? Contact our support team to get what you need.
I have a full-time job. Will I be able to invest time into the intensive program?
Yes! Pesto is personalized to suit your needs.

You only need to commit 12-15 hours a week, out of which 1.5-2 hours are dedicated to personalized sessions with your mentor. We ensure you have a flexible curriculum to balance with your full-time job.
I’m not looking for a job change.
The best part about joining the Pesto ecosystem? You get to learn from the best on how to grow within your current organization faster. You build global skills under mentors carefully chosen for you. Pesto helps you climb up the ladder 2X fast and build up your resume.
Would I get any certificate post-program completion?
Graduation certificates will be provided post the completion of the program.
What sets this program apart from others?
Program helps you become a 360° product engineer. You get exposure to business, product management, design thinking and global culture.
What is the major outcome of doing this program?
After successful completion of the program, you enable your mindset and skill sets as a 360 degree product engineer and understand the fundamentals of design, product and technology.
What to do if I lose my job? Will pesto help me to secure another job?
You can approach Pesto to help you find a new job. We will be happy to assist you if the change was genuine & not because of any disciplinary reasons.
Do you provide a placement guarantee?
We do not guarantee placements. We will assist you in advancing your career and ensure you’re positioned well to maximize your opportunities. We win when you win.

Need curated resources to grow and learn as a developer? Pesto is the right place for you.

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